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NOTE:  If your child does not have a SSN, you must go to the campus to receive the State issued number. 

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Please note: The information you enter must be identical to what is in the PISD Student Information System.



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Parents: All information is posted in real time.  Please understand that teachers will post student's assignment grades in a timely fashion; however, there may be other circumstances causing a delay in posting grades.  Therefore, it could be several days before grades are posted for assignments.  Thanks for your understanding. 

NOTE:  If your child does not have a Social Security Number (SSN), you must go to the campus to receive the State issued number. 

You must have your child's Social Security Number(SSN) to access their information.  If your child does not have a Social Security Number, you MUST go to your child's campus and get a copy of the State issued number for students who do not have a SSN.

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